Level 5

The level 5 tanning beds are our highest-intensity and highest-quality tanning beds. Sessions are six to ten times stronger than Level 1. Tanners who use the Instant level 5 beds can get a dark, natural base tan in only two to three sessions, making it the absolute fastest way to get a natural, golden glow. The results from Level 5 are much longer laster than any other tanning bed. The reason is that the specially designed lamps produce different ratios compared to conventional tanning units.

The beds use just a small amount of UVB to stimulate the melanin production required to tan the skin, and a much higher amount of UVA to oxidize that melanin and turn it golden brown. The minimal UVB output of this high-pressure bed means that it is likely to cause much less dry skin, nor does it accelerate the exfoliation process like conventional tanning.

With an enhanced level of UVA, Level 5 beds are the number choice for clients who are fair-skinned, who redden easily or who have an otherwise difficult time getting a dark color. The Level 5 Beds are built to conform to your body and are arguably the most comfortable of all the tanning beds.

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